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Violent Series - DP Fusion F8 Bolt

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Price: $39.99
Violent Series - DP Fusion F8 Bolt
Through testing, the Violent Series bolt has dramaticlly raised the velocity compared to the stock bolt. The increase in velocity will help you in two ways.
First, this will allow a lower pressue from your inline regulator to mantian the same velocity. Lower pressure means less air is used while firing the paintball thus giving better air efficency.
Second, the F8 does not have an LPR. It cycles the bolt forward using the same inline reg pressure. Once again, by lowering the inline regulator you also lower the forward cycle pressure while maintaining the desired FPS.

The Violent Series bolt is lighter than the stock bolt which in turn reduces cycling mass and kick reduction.

Weight comparison:
Violent bolt - 26.7 grams
Stock Bolt - 31 grams

The new Violent Series bolt has an extended cupped bolt face that provides more contact surface area making it gentle on paintballs. By having the cupped face it also prevents roll back into the bolt maintaining a straight ball stack.

With open faced bolts, the paintball will roll back into the bolt face. When this happens the next paintball in the stack will sit slightly down on the front surface of the paintball in the breech. The next paintball in the stack is then forced upwards when the marker is fired. This puts even more stress on all the paintballs in the stack, especially when you are using a force feed loader that is putting pressure downwards.

We have also incorporated two O-rings on the front of the bolt. Not only do the O-rings help prevent blowback when the paintball is fired, but it also serves as a cushion on the paintball. With most bolts traveling in the forward motion, the top corner edge of the bolt actually hits the bottom of the next paintball in the stack. This can lead to cracking/breaking the shell of the next paintball in the stack and having it explode in the breech and barrel during the next cycle. On the Violent bolt the paintball will come in contact with the front O-ring, providing a softer cushion effect. This gives you the ability to shoot brittle paintballs.

In both of the above situations the effect of roll back and paintball cracking/breaking is intensified when a smaller bore paintball is used. You might use a smaller bore barrel but you cannot change the bore size of the breech. The smaller the paintball in the breech, the more the next ball in the stack will protrude down into the breech.


- Delrin bolt
- Cupped bolt face
- Stainless Steel bolt pin
- Fully radiused air intake

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