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Violent Series FU Goggle Strap Version 6

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Price: $25.00
Violent Series FU goggle Strap Version 6
A strap with attitude. Avaliable in 9 inch legnth for all Grills, Profilers, Vents JT's  and Dye Invision (9 inch straps can also be use with shorter strap goggles but it is recommended thet it is worn as a second strap over the original strap)
KM goggle straps may not fit nor be used in conjunction with all the goggles in the paintball industry. KM's goggle straps are assembled with butterfly ends. You must insert butterfly ends of the straps into the slot where the existing straps are installed. Butterfly ends must be completely inserted through the slots for proper use. Physical abuse to or misuse of the product may cause malfunction and/or injury. Knowledge of the proper use of this product is a pre-requisite to purchase and resale. Paintball is an active sport and goggles must be worn at all times during play.
*Manufactured for Violent Series exclusively by KM Straps

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